Mike Up In Your Business Podcast with Mike Michalowicz

Ep 71: Being the Designated Motivator with Dawn Brolin

Episode Summary

Do you need some motivation? This is the episode for you! Dawn Brolin is here with her high-energy enthusiasm to discuss her new book, The Designated Motivator. She explains her concept of the Designated Motivator, how you can be one or CHOOSE one for your organization, and really make a game changing difference. Listen in!

Episode Notes

Dawn W. Brolin, CPA, CFE is the author of The Designated Motivator,  and the founder of Team Brolin, the force behind her global motivation movement which transforms people, businesses and the world for the better with education and empowerment. She is also the owner of Fight Against Fraud, a training organization dedicated to helping accounting professionals and small businesses optimize their operations and reduce their fraud risks. In addition, she is CEO of  Connecticut-based CPA firm, Powerful Accounting Inc. Dawn’s extensive accounting expertise and personal entrepreneurial experiences fuel her passion for helping other business owners succeed through the application of smart technology solutions, effective financial management, and comprehensive business continuity and fraud mitigation strategies.   Dawn’s in-depth knowledge and down-to-earth, entertaining approach make her an in-demand trainer, speaker, and thought leader. She has worked with prestigious partners including Fundera, Intuit, TSheets by QuickBooks, AbacusNext, ADP, MineralTree and many more.  


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